Welcome to Detour

I created Larry Chan Photography with the vision of being a fine art photography web site. As such, photographs are organized around the idea of a portfolio, roughly defined as a cohesive body of work, a project with a particular theme, or highlights of a photographer's career at a certain point in time.

However, soon thereafter, I found that this avenue is inadequate to showcase my work. It may very well take years to find a cohesive theme among the various subjects I've taken, and develop a portfolio around them. In other words, a single trip or excursion may not produce enough satisfactory photos, or the subjects themselves are so diverse that any cohesive theme has yet to emerge. Meanwhile, I may want to share with my friends and fellow photographers as things are progressing.

I tried Flickr but I don't like it because it doesn't offer enough control over layout and presentation. I have thought about blogging but I don't think it's the appropriate medium. I have recently signed up for 500px but I have yet to find out what it's all about.

I finally decided to create a "child website", Detour, within Larry Chan Photography, for the purpose of sharing and showcasing my work without waiting for years before a portfolio is ready. In short, Detour represents my work in progress. It is more or less organized either chronologically or based on trips and excursions. At times, when there is a clear theme among my photos, I may choose to organize them as portfolios.

Thus, Detour is born. Enjoy.

December 2012